1. How does Quick-Detox work?

Quick-Detox capsules quickly and safely flush your system of toxins, using a unique formula developed by chemists. Quick-Detox works by assisting your body in removing all traces of toxins, while simultaneously replenishing Vitamins and Minerals that are depleted by the detoxification process.


2. Is Quick-Detox safe?

Yes! Quick-Detox is an all natural nutritional supplement which contains no additives or fillers. All of the ingredients used in Quick-Detox are listed on the FDA's GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) list.


3. How long does it take before I will test clean?

You will need to begin taking Quick-Detox at least two to three hours prior to the time you are to be tested.


4. For how long will I continue to test clean?

Generally, once your system has been cleansed with Quick-Detox, you will test clean for at least five to ten hours.


5. I'm not a drug user. Why should I consider using Quick-Detox?

Sadly, many common everyday foods and medications can lead to a false positive on common drug tests, resulting in unwarranted accusations. Common triggers include fruit juices, cold and allergy medications, aspirins, prescription medications, etc.


6. Are there any negative side effects from using Quick-Detox?

Quick-Detox is an all natural herbal nutritional supplement. Because you must consume a large amount of water prior to testing, it is not recommended for use by anyone suffering from kidney or gall bladder problems. As with any nutritional supplement, you may want to consult with a physician before using.


7. Does Quick-Detox conatin any additives or fillers that might show up on a urine test?

No it does not! Quick-Detox is 100% free from additives and fillers.


8. Why is it so important to closely follow the usage instructions?

When used properly, Quick-Detox is incredibly effective at removing all traces of toxins from your system. However, if the usage instructions are not followed, we can not guarantee the desired results.


9. How long will it take to get my order?

We ship all orders via Priority Mail, which generally takes 2-3 days to arrive. Most packages are shipped the same day the order is received.


10. Is it safe to order online?

Absolutely! We use the safest credit card processing system on the internet. All information about your order is encrypted, and cannot be viewed by anyone else. Ordering online using this state-of-the-art processing system is actually much safer than using your credit card in a restaurant or at the mall.


11. Is Quick-Detox shipped discreetly?

Yes it is! Quick-Detox is sent in a standard shipping box with no indication whatsoever as to what is contained inside.


12. What ingredients are used in Quick-Detox?

Quick-Detox is an all natural herbal nutritional supplement. Quick-Detox's unique formula was developed by chemists with over 45 years experience in this field.


13. How does Quick-Detox differ from other detoxification products?

Our laboratories are committed to providing your family with the most powerful, innovative nutritional supplements on the market, made from only the finest quality all natural ingredients available. Quick-Detox contains absolutely no fillers, additives or lubricants, and is made from 100% pharmaceutical grade botanicals. Quick-Detox also contains 100% of the RDA for 12 essential Vitamins and four Minerals. Quick-Detox may cost a little more than some of the lesser-quality detoxification products, but isn't the additional peace of mind worth it?


14. How many capsules/servings are in a bottle of Quick-Detox?

Each bottle of Quick-Detox contains 40 powerful capsules, enough for two full detoxifications.


15. How effective is Quick-Detox at eliminating traces of toxins?

When used properly, we believe that Quick-Detox is the most effective detoxification product available anywhere.

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